Posted by: Renee | May 24, 2011

I believe…

Credo  by David R. Weiss in To the Tune of a Welcoming God

I believe in God,

the Great Mystery that is the Source of all that is.

I believe that God is beyond our words

and surely beyond our genders,

but that we are still invited to name God as best we can,

with humility and wonder.

I believe in God’s love for all creation, not just humanity.

I believe in God’s yearning

that justice hold sway in every corner of creation

and in God’s anxious longing

for Sabbath joy to fill the cosmos.

I believe that the deep beauty of Jesus’ life

is a true revelation of God’s desire to see compassion

at the center of human community.

I believe that Jesus’ healings, parables, and table fellowship

reveal the truth of God active in our midst.

And I believe that in Jesus’ life

we hear an invitation to echo such compassion

in our own lives.

I believe that Jesus’ death

reminds us that oppressive power

will stop at nothing–

then or now–to silence compassion.

And I believe that resurrection

names the miracle that takes place–

then and now–whenever we rededicate

our lives to compassion

thereby announcing that even death

cannot silence the love of God.

I believe that besides Jesus’ life

and besides the biblical text,

other lives and other texts also bear the truth of God–

and that our lives are richer for listening well

to the movement of God in many places.

I believe that God continues to be present still today

and that the Holy Breath of God blows

whenever and wherever compassion is born,

whether in our words, deeds, or rituals.

I believe we have a special responsibility

to gather in community and share rituals,

both ancient and fresh,

that exercise our imaginations,

both bodily and spiritually

for the practice of compassion.

I believe that in our lives

we have the capacity to move God,

this loving mystery that dwells at the heart of all that is,

to the point of tears.

And I commit myself,

with my brothers and sisters and the whole of creation,

to living in ways that seek to move God to tears of joy.




  1. BEAUTIFUL WORDS Renee!!! Thank you for such a thoughtful gift. Certainly a creed I can say without equivocation, and I certainly aspire to live it (with plenty of help from God).

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