Posted by: Renee | May 7, 2012

The Church and the New Civil Rights Movement (Ode to Dick Brogan)

Latest post by Bert Montgomery at Faithlab

Richard “Dick” Brogan was a personal friend, and he was one of my heroes.Dick was a white Mississippi Baptist minister who worked tirelessly to build relationships between whites and blacks during segregation and even up until he passed way last year. Not so long ago, Dick was followed, harassed, threatened, and derided as a “nigger-lover” because he not only dared speak against segregation, but he dared to act as if in Christ there really was no Jew nor Greek and no black nor white.
Shortly before he died, Dick, a veteran of the Civil Rights movement, said that Gay Rights is today’s Gospel movement. I believe he was right.  Read more…


  1. Dick Brogan is my grandfather. I really appreciate what you had too say.

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