What do we want to do?


  • to offer support and healing to those who have been wounded by the Church’s actions
  • to offer safe spaces and resources to those who are struggling with their own identity or that of a loved one
  • to engage in sacred conversations and dialogue in hopes of better understanding all points of view and the life stories behind them, while also sharing our own stories and passion for inclusion and justice
  • to provide resources based on Scripture, experiences of faith and life, and research to those who are open to hearing the Spirit in these matters even if it breaks with their previous assumptions
  • to rise above our own tendencies to pull away from those we fear or disagree with, to pass judgement on them, give up on them or mislabel them an ‘enemy’
  • to resist the urge to think and speak in ‘us and them’ terms, but rather acknowledge the complexity of each of our hearts and minds 
  • to pray that hearts will soften and minds will open and that we’ll all be open to the Spirit moving among us
  • to witness and celebrate the Church becoming more like Christ

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